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School visits to Brook Farm Camp


Great War Huts provides a cost-effective alternative to travelling to France and Flanders for schools studying the realities of the First World War. Situated in the heart of the Suffolk countryside, the site offers an immersive educational experience without the expenses and delays associated with international travel. Guided by extremely knowledgeable staff, students can still explore First World War trench systems, handle genuine artefacts, and try on uniforms and equipment in original 1914-18 buildings, all while gaining a comprehensive understanding of the war's impact and fostering empathy. By providing this accessible option, Great War Huts ensures that learning about the First World War remains within reach for schools and individuals alike, regardless of budget constraints. Long after they leave, students retain the knowledge they've gained, carrying with them a profound appreciation for the sacrifices made by those who served. With each visit, Great War Huts honours the legacy of the First World War, ensuring that the lessons of history resonate for generations to come.

"I write to thank you and your team again for a truly wonderful day and experience! The venue is so well designed and the activities on rotation bring the whole period to life. Moreover, your collective knowledge is excellent. I would thoroughly recommend it to any other school." 
Michael Heslop
Monkton Combe School, Bath
(Year 9 History)
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